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International Removals

International Removals Company in Johannesburg

Robeck International Freight and Logistics handles international removals throughout the world. Firstly, our services are transparent and professional, and we ship personal and commercial goods around the world. Secondly, our company has been providing quality International Removals services for more than 25 years. Additionally, we have worked with ambitious individuals, large corporations, and tycoons throughout the years to help them manage their business and personal effects. In summary, we are committed to transparency, security, efficiency, and diligence.

Why choose Robeck as your preferred International Moving Company?

As the leading international removals company in South Africa, we offer a wide range of international removal services. There is no limit to the number of countries or continents to which we provide our services. Our services are available in Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Europe, the United Kingdom, the USA, Canada, Italy, Turkey, Australia, and many other countries. As international movers in South Africa, we carry out our work across the globe. For the transportation of goods across the globe, we rely on air freight and sea freight services. Additionally, we specialize in commercial, industrial, and personal furniture removals. Robeck International Freight offers the following services:


International Furniture Removals


Freight and Removal Service


Export Customs Facilities


Import Customs Clearance of Household Goods


Door to Door International Movers


Port to Door Household Removals


Door to Port Household Removals


Household Removal Service


Vehicle Relocation Services

International Removals

Transportation and Transit Times for International Removals

To transport international household removals, we use the most appropriate methods of freight shipping. 24/7/365 air and sea freight services are available throughout the world. To make the process as hassle-free and quick as possible, we selected the two most appropriate transportation methods. By utilizing our express delivery, we have reduced the transit time, now managing the transport within a couple of days.

Air Freight for International Removals

First and foremost, Robeck International Freight’s air freight service is highly regarded, and it is considered one of the best international removals services in South Africa. Secondly, with air freight shipping, you can export your goods in a shorter amount of time and with greater security.

Sea Freight for International Removals

Moreover, those customers who require a large number of items to be delivered at the same time can take advantage of the sea freight service. It is, therefore, the most efficient method of transporting large containers and heavy industrial machinery is by sea. Lastly, you will also save money by using this method.

Looking quote for household removals?

Contact Robeck International Freight today for are free and non-obligatory quote for your next international relocation.

South Africa’s Best International Movers

For more than 28 years, we have been involved in the international removal industry. Therefore, it is our expertise to deliver your products in clean, sealed, and undamaged condition. Our company has established a reputation as a leading international removal company. Not only do we care for the business, but also for the convenience of the customer. Our customers have developed strong relationships with us due to the fact that we provide the following services to them:


Expert Logistics advice and support


Customized International Removal Plan


Economical Rates and Removal Quotes


Cost-effective Marine Insurances


Express Door-to-Door Deliveries


Expert Financial Analysis and Advice


Unmatched Wrapping and Packaging Experts


Smooth and Hassle-Free Process


Secure Storage


Transparent Moving Policy


Reliable and Quality Solutions to all Logistics Problems

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We invite you to contact Robeck International Freight, one of the leading international removal companies in South Africa, by visiting our offices or contacting us online.


Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some frequently asked questions. In order to help you better understand the international removal process, we have answered the following questions. Alternatively, you may contact us by telephone or contact form if you still have questions.

Do we provide international vehicle moving services?

Yes, we are international vehicle movers. Any household item, as well as industrial equipment as well as vehicles, can be transported by Robeck the International Movers. Our expertise in customs clearance and other documentation comes from years of experience in the automotive industry.

How to get a moving quote?

Obtaining a moving quote is an easy and free process. You can obtain an estimate of the cost of your international removal process by contacting us online or by phone. Please provide us with details regarding the shipment and the services you require. Based on the information provided, we will provide you with a quote. We offer competitive moving quotes.

Are international removals possible during COVID-19?

Robeck International Freight is in operation during covid. However, it should be considered that shipments may be delayed because of the current circumstances. International removals have been authorized by the government and health authorities, although there are countries with an extremely high number of cases. The company is working 24/7/365 under strict SOPs to keep your business and personal activities running, despite the ongoing Covid scenario. Our goal is to provide the best possible service to our customers regardless of the circumstances.

What questions should you ask your international movers?

It is advisable that you review the relevant details and procedures of your international removal service. Making this process transparent is both your responsibility and your right. Below is a list of topics you should inquire about:

The price,
Insurance policy,
Types of services they provide,
Mode of shipment and lead time details,
Paperwork details and red flags,
Import and Export Regulations

What insurance do I need for moving my furniture overseas?

During your international move, it is recommended that your shipment should be covered by a dependable and transparent insurance policy. It is recommended that you obtain either general liability insurance or professional insurance when using international removal services. Damages resulting from the move are covered by general liability insurance. In addition, it covers the customer and their family in case of an unforeseen occurrence. In contrast, professional insurance can provide coverage for any damage or loss incurred during the transport of goods. Robeck offers comprehensive marine insurance for all international moves upon request.

How much does international moving cost?

Depending on the services you choose, the price will vary. Furthermore, the total estimated cost of moving internationally is determined by a variety of factors, including the distance and the type of goods to be transported. Robeck International Freight offers a free moving estimate. You may contact us to obtain an estimate for an international removal service.

HSN code for relocation services

The Harmonized System of Nomenclature or the HSN code is a six-digit code. Around 5000+ products are coded under this classified nomenclature. Each product is given a unique code according to its category. These categories include livestock, vegetables, machinery, clothes, metal base articles, wooden articles, etc. The purpose of coding objects under the HSN system is to make the complex process of taxes simpler. The HSN code determines the amount of tax of a particular article when it is relocated from one place to another. The HSN for relocation services varies according to the household items and vehicles that needed to be relocated.

What is a coperate relocation service?

Corporate relocation services provide companies and their employees with the ability to manage their relocation process on their own. This service enables companies to relocate their employees efficiently and smoothly to a new location. A relocation service includes expense management, benefits, and drawbacks of relocation, determining the right location, as well as exploring possible opportunities, and determining the benefits of relocation.

How do relocation services work?

The company takes care of all your problems related to relocation once you have hired it for business relocation services, employee relocation services, or home relocation services.

Packing is the first service provided by the company. The company is responsible for the movement and transport of all your goods. In addition, we provide an excellent door-to-door service. There is no hassle and it is more productive, so it is the simplest method to relocate.

What does a relocation company do?

Relocation companies handle your relocation needs. In addition to shifting houses, vehicles, corporate facilities, employees, machines, and household items, relocation companies handle any move. Services needed by a person when they move to a new city are provided by a relocation company. Moving is a stressful and time-consuming process, which relocation services can help reduce.