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Located in South Africa, Robeck International Freight specializes in ocean freight forwarding and the import and export of commodities worldwide. Firstly, as a shipping company, we offer an economical and hassle-free ocean freight forwarding process that is protected by cost-effective insurance. Secondly, Robeck International Freight is dedicated to processing, documenting, and delivering the shipment all under one roof. In addition, the heedful team is committed to excellence, where safety, timely shipment delivery, and convenience are our top priorities. Last but not least, not only do we provide our clients with the best agreements, latest updates, and best deals: but we also provide an environment of trust and communication to help them feel connected.

Why choose Robeck as your preferred Sea Freight Company in South Africa?

We have proven that success comes to those who are determined to inspire. For more than 28 years, we have excelled by putting the needs of our customers before our own. We are determined to carry out our business most transparently and effectively, and with great minds behind the business, we strive to earn your trust and build the business.

Sea Freight and Ocean Freight Services

Our company is an ocean freight logistics company, and we deal in cargoes, LCLs (less than a container load), ocean freight containers, and the shipment of many kinds of goods at moderate rates. We ship a wide variety of products from Europe for example, including spare parts for automobiles, fast-moving consumer goods, or delicacies for domestic or commercial use. With offices throughout South Africa including Johannesburg and worldwide, we provide full customer service, customs clearance, billing, and marine insurance. In addition, we have Sea Freight Services in Durban and Cape Town.

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Our cost-effective Ocean Freight Charges

Robeck offers the most reasonable ocean and sea freight rates in comparison to the other companies in the freight market. Our shipping offices in South Africa ensure that you receive the most competitive rates compared to other shipping companies in Johannesburg, Durban, or Cape Town. As brokers, we offer freight quotes based on three factors: the product, the type of container, and the distance to be covered.

Before determining the price, the customer must provide full details of the shipment, including dimensions, weight, quantity, and type of the product. Once this data has been evaluated by the freight brokers, the sea freight is determined. Since we operate a container shipping business that deals in both domestic and international shipping, the sea freight will always vary. Durban sea freights may differ from sea freights out of Johannesburg, and those may differ from sea freights out of Cape Town. Additionally, worldwide shipping will have different shipping charges based on the distance traveled.

Freight forwarding rates vary depending on the type of cargo. For example, 20′ containers and 40′ containers will have different freight quotes. If you need estimates, budgets, freight rates, or price updates regarding sea freight, our dealers and managers can assist you at any time.

Safety and Updates

A safe door-to-door shipment service is our promise. Our system incorporates an all-inclusive freight insurance policy that ensures the safety of your cargo. Additionally, shipping container tracking is another service that helps us improve our relationships with customers. In addition to ensuring safety, tracking ensures that the customers are always up-to-date. Customers are notified of lead time and delivery times for the shipment. The container tracking also alerts customers to any delays in the arrival or delivery of the shipment.

Ocean Freight Express

With our ocean freight express services, we are able to deliver cargo faster than usual. This development means that the cargo promises a predetermined lead time. Our fast delivery service is only possible due to our broad network of routes, constant communication with all partners and authorities, and document readiness.

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Our Ocean Freight Import and Export procedure

Our well-developed and predetermined shipping system executes ocean freight for exports and imports. When the client requests the import or export of a commodity, our brokers and managers handle the deal. Our managers negotiate the best ocean freight quote with the client, providing them with the incoterms.

Once the quote has been approved, the product is evaluated in connection with the Incoterms. Once the quotation is approved, the product is evaluated in connection with the Incoterms. The product is then meticulously tested for explosives, drugs, corrosives, flammables, or radioactive materials. Additionally, once the cargo passes the security check, the bill of lading and other paperwork is concluded, followed by insurance and shipping.

To ensure the transparency of the processes, all the bills of lading and customs clearance documents are verified multiple times before delivery.

Why Ocean Freight Forwarding instead of Air Freight?

Although air freight forwarding may seem hassle-free and quick, it can cost a fortune. In addition, the terms and conditions of shipping are strict. On the other hand, ocean freight forwarding provides leniency on terms and conditions like the weight and height of the container. With sea freight, you can increase the container size without elevating much of the cost. It is also easier on the wallet, as sea freight rates are lower than air freight rates. One rough estimate suggests that shipping by sea can save up to 25% of the cost.

#1 Booking

You can request our services online or contact us on our contact number.

#2 Ocean Freight Quotes

Each deal is treated with equal importance by our Sea Freight Brokers and Managers, and so you will receive a quote and estimate within few minutes for the consignment you wish to export or import.

#3 Contract Signature

A formal freight contract is issued to you in response to your acceptance of our quotation.

#4 Documentation

Please provide supporting documentation for the customs clearance process.

#5 Packaging and Storage

Our warehouse is also able to package and store your consignment either by delivering it to our warehouse or collecting it.

#6 Transportation

Shipments are then transported by sea freight to their final destination.

#7 Billings and payments

The final invoice will be presented to you for payment in accordance with the payment terms.

#8 Doorstep delivery

Delivery of your consignment to the intended destination will be made.

Why Robeck?

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Our Terms and Conditions


The maximum load for a 20' cargo container is 24,000 kgs.


The maximum load for a 40' cargo container is 30,480 kgs.


The products should have insurance that meets the companies policy


The company is not responsible for any loss due to natural calamities or robberies


The price and freight cost may vary depending on the weight of the shipment, type of cargo, and destination


Company reserves to change the term and conditions of their policies before any prior notices


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Robeck International Freight specializes in shipping household goods as well as commercial goods. Additionally, we are the best shipping company in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban. Our services are not only limited to a single country but have been extended worldwide. We also provide excellent service in all aspects of shipping. Secondly, our shipping and sea freight services are charged at the most economical rates based on the port of departure in South Africa. Finally, we offer a completely hassle-free process from packing to delivery. In summary, we treat your shipments like our own, and we take care of all clearances, bills, and incoterms that may arise during the process. Finally, we are looking forward to your business and are ready to provide you with our best prices and level of customer service.

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