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Groupage Shipping

Groupage Shipping and Consolidated Moving

Relocating to another place is easy but deciding how your furniture and household items will travel all those miles is a grinding task. Sometimes your household relocation items are not large enough to occupy the whole container. So why pay for a full container when you can opt for groupage shipping?

We are a leading logistics company in South Africa that efficiently handles groupage shipments worldwide. As a shipping company, we reduce the stress of moving your household items across the world.

What is Groupage Shipping?

When you ship household goods around the world, they do not always occupy the whole container. Sometimes, you have fewer household goods to ship. Your packages are coupled with other smaller packages and shipped in a shared container.

Groupage shipping reduces the cost, time, and hassle of moving the consolidated household goods. Robeck International provides groupage shipping and LCL Household shipping for international relocations.

FCL Vs. LCL Shipping

FCL or Full Container Load Shipping is for customers who have large consignments to ship. These consignments usually occupy a full container or more. These are suitable for heavy machinery, furniture, export goods, or construction material. FCL can cost a lot more than LCL shipping.

Customers whose household goods are not large enough to fill an entire container benefit from Less Than Container Load Shipping (LCL). Household and office goods are ideal for LCL.

Relocation Services

How Robeck International facilitates Groupage Shipping and LCL?

As a company, we provide our customers with efficient groupage shipping services. Usually, logistics companies provide direct LCL household shipping that might cause a heavy load on your pocket.

At Robeck International, we analyze the quantity and nature of the packages and combine them with other packages traveling to a similar destination. With a secure shared container service, the rate of shipping reduces to a good extent.

Looking for an affordable Relocation Quote?

Contact Robeck International Freight today for are free and non-obligatory quote for your next international relocation.

Benefits of Groupage Shipping


Save Money

You can save money by sending smaller packages. The LCL household goods can be combined with other packages to reduce shipping costs and time. The smaller packages cost according to the weight and nature of the material. You should not be paying for a container you didn’t fully use.


Safe Transfer

It is a misconception that groupage shipping induces harm to household goods. People believe that if different types of materials are shipped in the same container, the possibility of product damage increases. However, this is not the case. We securely transfer your goods to the relocation destination.



One of the most important advantages of groupage shipping is sustainability. Companies are making an effort to reduce stress on nature. Groupage shipping is a sustainable method of transporting goods.



When we ship household goods through groupage shipping, it is flexible to make any last-minute changes. Last-minute orders can be adjusted with the preplanned shipping orders. Moreover, if the shipment exceeds the estimated storage it is combined with other items.

Additional Relocation Services and Benefits



Our services are not limited to groupage shipping and transport. We provide a satisfactory customer experience by covering everything you need during the shipping process. Packaging is one of our value-added services.

Moreover, our team visits the location and helps you pack for the household goods transport. The material is packed with good care and security. If you want to know how you can pack safely while moving abroad, click here.



Robeck International has storage units based in Johannesburg. We are committed to providing quality warehouses where your goods are kept safe in environmentally controlled warehouses. Our warehouses for groupage shipping are extremely modern and well equipped.



As an international logistics company, we transport and shipping services through air, sea, and road. The groupage shipping is mainly done along with sea freight service. The cargos are booked and consolidated to reduce the size of the shipment.


Door-to-Door Service

We provide door-to-door service offering a single point of operation for complete shipping. Moreover, our integrated system of road networks allows us to manage the shipping easily with decreased operational efforts.

Why choose Robeck for your upcoming International Relocation?


Complete Logistic Support

From secure packaging to moving your goods across the ocean we can do it all. All you need to do is hire us for logistics services. We prepare, pack and ship your goods for international relocations. Also, we provide door-to-door service.


Fast and Reliable Shared Container Services

We promise a smooth and authentic shared container service for South African regions as an international shipping company. People in every field use our unmatched logistics services. Groupage shipping strategies are made keeping in mind the need of people.


Economical Rates

We make use of the most economical rates in the market. Our part load shipping quotes are reasonable. But with more affordable groupage shipping rates, we do not sacrifice quality.


How can you book groupage shipment?

If you are looking to move abroad and ship household items, groupage shipping is the most flexible and feasible option. It is not only cost-effective but takes less operational effort.

You can call our office and talk to the moving specialist. Our employee is going to ask you questions related to your shipment and give you a quote. Once you agree to the quote, the shipment can progress. Other dealings can be done in the nearby office of Robeck International in South Africa.

Contact Us

We are here to help with your logistic queries. Call us for support, and to get quotes for groupage shipping. Further, you can also visit the nearest office for consultancy and assistance.