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Moving to a new country is a drastic change in almost every sense of the word. You need to start from scratch. You have to set up a new home, a new job and so much more. In this blog, we aim to cover the various aspects of moving to a new country. We hope this moving checklist helps you in starting fresh in a new country and what to take care of when the big day arrives.

Getting ready for your move

Make an appointment with Robeck International Freight so we can visit your home and do a pre-move survey. Besides moving your car, pets, and plants, what do you have on your mind? Will your goods go by air or road, and if so, will you need to put anything in storage?

You’ll also want to talk to your Robeck move consultant about your marine insurance needs and get started on your insurance valuation. Think about what you don’t need anymore and if you can sell it, donate it, or give it away to your friends. If you haven’t worn it or used it in 12 months, it’s probably not necessary. Keeping a file of all your receipts will help you keep track of your moving costs. Some moving expenses are tax-deductible. Decide what you’re taking with you such as keys, clothing, and jewelry.

It’s also important to pick a moving date, book with Robeck, and start planning. If you need to change the date, let us know as soon as possible.

Have you started arranging your new place already?

If you’ve already started rearranging your new place, spend some time thinking about how you’d like to arrange your stuff. What’s the best place to put your furniture when you get there? Make a logical and practical plan, even if it’s basic, it’ll help you settle in faster when you get there. Let your moving company know what you’re planning so they can pack right.

It’s also time to figure out where your family will stay. Will you be canceling your lease or selling your current place? This is something your estate agent can help you with.

Additionally, gather all your important documents like your drivers’ license, birth certificate, leasing or purchase contracts, and medical, dental and school records. We advise you not to pack any important papers inside your cartons. Last but not least, make sure they’re safe and accessible.

If you’re moving to a new city or country, you need to know this

Whenever you move with kids, notify their current schools and make arrangements for them to go to their new school. Make sure your kids get used to their new school by meeting the new teachers.

You’ll need to book travel for your family and keep all tickets in a safe place. When you’re traveling by air, book as far in advance as possible to get the best prices and availability.

It’s a good idea to schedule any doctor or dentist appointments before moving and have a copy of your most recent records and prescriptions with you. You should let your doctor and dentist know that you need to be removed from their books and if necessary take your pets to their Veterinary Clinic and remember to tell them to take your pet off their books.

Make a list of what you and your family are looking forward to doing in your new neighborhood if you’re moving. Don’t forget to keep your list with you when you get to your new place. Of course, you’ll only really get to know a community when you live there and experience it, but having some basic knowledge will help. Here are some resources we recommend for advanced research like travel guides, the internet, videos, and your local library.

Getting ready for your move with this moving checklist

Make sure you empty, defrost and clean your fridge and freezer before moving. Any residual damp will ruin them. You should also disconnect, empty, and stabilize your washing machine before moving. Empty the tank of your lawnmower or other garden tools, or your car or motorcycle if you’re moving.

Don’t forget to back up your data from your personal computers or laptops before you move. Label everything and make sure it’s in a safe place and mark them on your moving checklist. Mark all cables for easy reassembly when dismantling electronics. Batteries should be removed from clocks, games, cameras, remotes, etc.

Pack a bag with everything you’ll need to get through your first evening in your new place. Don’t forget to pack pajamas, toiletries, and goodies for the kids.

Moving with kids can be exciting and stressful at the same time. Thus, we recommend involving your kids and giving them their own set of tasks. Encourage your kids to pack their own stuff in a carton.

It’s the day of your move.

Make sure your kids and pets are taken care of on moving day. Your stuff will be inventoried by the supervisor on duty. If there’s anything special you need wrapped or cared for, or which cartons should be loaded last, let the supervisor know. Depending on what’s in the boxes, you might find toys for your kids or kitchen and/or bathroom supplies.

Before signing, read the inventory carefully. Get a copy for your own records. You and the supervisor will check your place one last time before the loaded container leaves. Make sure your move coordinator has all your contact info and directions to your new place.

Finally home – The day of delivery.

Provide our delivery team with a floor plan of where you want them to put your furniture and appliances. Sticky notes on your new house’s doors make navigation much easier.

You or someone from your family should be available for any questions the delivery team may have. We suggest marking off the items and their condition on the inventory or packing list as you bring them in. Notify your move coordinator if there are any damages to your goods.

Finally settling in after your move.

Make sure you get familiar with your new neighborhood and find your local shopping center, hospital, post office, petrol station, and library. Meet your kids’ new teachers when you visit their new school. Find or get recommendations for a new doctor and dentist so they have your family’s records. Make sure your new utilities, like gas, electricity, internet, and telephone, are set up.

Moving Checklist for expats and families moving to a new country – Are you looking for a perfect moving checklist for expats and families moving to a new country? In this blog we have prepared a detailed moving checklist for you and your family. We have given you a guide on how to move to a new country and we have also added the expat guide.

Ultimate moving checklist for expats and families moving to a new country.