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Robeck International Freight has established itself as one of the top chemical logistics companies in Sandton, South Africa. We offer integrated logistics solutions for chemical transport and storage. Our modified solutions have helped many industries and individuals to experience a hassle-free and secure transport of chemicals.

Robeck International is all about finding simple solutions to every logistical problem. Our aim is to make life easier for our customers by reducing the planning and executing burden. Providing the safest and best possible solution to all chemical logistics problems is what we do best.

Chemical Industry and Hazards

Globally, the chemical industry is growing at an incredibly fast pace. The reason for the high demand is the inclusion of chemicals in almost all the products. Chemicals are used to mold, preserve, clean, wash, dry, and in laboratory techniques. Each industry requires a regular supply of chemicals but the rules are strict, and transportation is hard.

Chemicals are hazardous to transport as they are sensitive to heat, light, and other climatic conditions. Moreover, some are highly corrosive. Due to these hazards, certain limitations have been set by the government for the volume and transport of chemicals.

Our specialized team ensures the right quantity and quality of chemicals being transported. Moreover, we take responsibility for permissions, transport, packaging, and safe delivery of the products.

Chemical Logistics Services

We offer a complete package of services for your chemicals import and export process. Our services are not limited to South Africa but also extend across the globe.

We have come a long way in helping customers with our tailored logistics solutions to daily problems. Robeck International’s chemical transport and handling services include these things:


Multimodal Transport


Personalized Environment


Safety Handling


Import and Export


Door to Door Delivery


Storage and Warehousing






Marine Insurance

Other industries we serve:

The South African city of Sandton is home to Robeck International, a global logistics company with an extensive agent network. As a leading logistics company with over 25 years’ experience, we can offer high-quality shipping services to our clients. We provide our clients with the best shipping solutions regardless of their shipping needs.

Are you looking for a Chemical Logistics Company in Johannesburg?

Chemical Logistics is a growing industry in today’s world. Chemical companies need to ensure that their chemicals are transported and stored properly.

Eco-Friendly Chemical Logistics

With the growing chemical industry, environmental damages have taken a toll. We have come up with eco-friendly chemical logistics to help reduce stress on the environment. The idea of chemical fumes damaging the ozone layer is not unknown. It is high time to partner with a logistics company that supports the green campaign along with promising solutions to your problems.

Some of our eco-friendly measures are:


CO2 Reduction Program


Fume Reduction


Safe Deposits and Disposals

Chemicals and Precautions

Our chemical logistics service team is highly professional and expert in handling all kinds of chemicals. We are experts in handling different types of chemicals that include:

  • Oxidizer
  • Corrosive
  • Pyrophoric
  • Toxic
  • Water Reactive
  • Flammable

Each type of chemical requires different conditions and care. We have a pre-planned system of pacing and transporting such chemicals. The integrated system of solutions lays out a step-by-step procedure with all necessary precautionary measures. Moreover, we also help provide logistics support to these subsectors of the chemical industry:

  • Chemical Products & Chemical Consuming Goods.
  • Pure and Refined Chemicals
  • Glycerides, Paraffin, and other Liquid Chemicals
  • Crops and Agricultural Materials,
  • Pigments, printing Ink, and Cleaning Liquids

We take precautions and guarantee safety. Here is what we do to make sure no one is hurt or harmed during the process:


Use Airtight barrels


Use Excellent quality containers to avoid explosions


Maintain optimum environment around the chemicals


Avoid mixing of chemicals


Audit barrels before dispatch


Handle with care and using protective suits/masks

We believe in safety first, so we are extra careful when working with chemicals.

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Warehousing and Security

Warehousing and security might be the major concerns of handling chemicals. Robeck International has come up with brilliant solutions for all storage and security problems. We have tailor-made solutions to meet the needs of small-scale or large-scale customers.

Our warehouses are spacious and secure. We have equipped them with the latest technology and a great environment. Our many years of expertise help you manage chemical regulation in the chemical supply chain. Moreover, the security of chemicals is the hallmark of our logistics company. We guarantee the safety of your products during transport and storage.

Customs Clearance and Certification

Chemicals take a long time before getting certified and approved for import/export. A layman does not understand the entire process and thus is met with obstacles.

Robeck International Freight takes matters related to customs clearances and certification into their hands. Our customs clearance team will help you with:

  • Import Customs Clearances
  • Export Customs Clearances
  • Certifications

Our Value-Added Services

We believe our customers need to sit back and relax during the hectic and dangerous process of moving chemicals. To make your lives easier we offer value-added services. If you hire South Africa’s best chemical logistics company, here is what you sign up for:

  • Labeling
  • Packaging
  • Package Stocking/ Storage
  • Filing and Documentation
  • Logbook maintenance

Why Robeck Internaional

If you are looking for chemical logistics companies near you, hire Robeck International. It provides its customers with quality services. The services provided by our highly professional teams are not only limited to transportation. Our value-added services help the customers experience easy and hassle-free transportation of chemical goods. We are the solution to all your chemical logistics problems. Here is why you should hire us:

  • Easy Process
  • Feasible Bookings
  • Timely Delivery
  • Express Service
  • Free Estimation and Quotes
  • Customs Clearances
  • Door to Door Service
  • Affordable Rates

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