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Finding a job abroad and moving to another country can be a very detailed and delicate process. Therefore, it is very easy to make a mistake no matter how sure you are about leaving your hometown. There are so many things to consider and decisions to make.

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According to this BusinessTech Article from 2019, the UK, New Zealand, and Australia are currently the most popular export destination for young professionals leaving South Africa.

There have been a lot of disillusionment comments recently in light of the upcoming elections. Among the key themes for wanting to leave were lack of jobs, rising corruption, crime, and safety problems.

You may feel overwhelmed when you move to another country. We write about moving to new countries because we know it’s hard! It answers common questions like “How do I move my household overseas” and “How do I pack for international relocation”.

Our blog shares valuable information about moving to another country

Moving internationally is much easier and more affordable by shipping by the sea! In the opposite case, it is possible to run into delays. Our relocation consultants will help you find the right option according to budget and timeline and offer expert advice on how to streamline the process. Then we can calculate your household contents and explain the shipping options (described below) so you know what to do and what documents you need.

There are four main shipping options for international removals and moving to another country

Airfreight: While most household items are shipped by sea over a few weeks, airfreight is a popular way to ship high-value items to their destination (like clothing and electronics). This is highly recommended for Low Volume and Fast Delivery.

Groupage: Organizing smaller consignments from many removals into one shipping container can save you a lot of money. Some consignments may need to be stored for a few months before they can be sourced to fill containers, depending on the popularity of the destination. This service is suitable for Lowest Costs, with No Time Limits.

Exclusive-Use Container: Metal shipping containers are available in three standard sizes: 20-foot (holds about 1 000 cubic feet of contents), 40-foot (holds 2000 cubic feet), and 40-foot High Cube (2400 cubic feet). It is suitable for the following requirements: High Volume (full household shipping), Rapid Shipping.

“Less Than Container Load” (LCL): Not to be confused with “Groupage,” LCL consignments are a few items secured in wooden crates, and are shipped below-deck on ships (to keep rain and water out). This is ideal for processing low volumes and expediting shipments in a short time frame.

Robeck International Freight provides you with a variety of shipping options

During your international move, we’ll do everything we can to make sure your valuables are handled properly. Robeck can deliver a shipping container to your house for direct loading if you want your household goods to follow you to the sea as soon as we are finished packing. It’s a great way to minimize handling and speed up removals. Otherwise, if you’re only moving a few things and won’t need them in your new home for a few months, you might prefer the budget-friendly ‘groupage’ option above. An LCL shipment makes more sense where time is a factor.

Your valuables will be safe during an international trip with Robeck’s expertly constructed crating. If this seems complicated, don’t worry: Robeck will answer any questions you have, and we’ll be there for you door-to-door!

Closing remarks

If you are looking to move overseas, or just want to move your belongings to a new house, you may have considered shipping your things to your new home. Moving overseas but not sure what their long-term plans are can take advantage of shipping containers. Shipping containers are of great value and are durable. They are used to ship cargo overseas and many of them are in good condition. The boxes are built to withstand ocean waves and have special locks that will prevent your items from getting damaged. You can have Robeck transport a shipping container to your home for direct loading, followed by your container by the sea.