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Robeck International Freight and Logistics Company have managed to stay on top of the charts for years. We are a worldwide shipping company located in Johannesburg, South Africa. The company handles the import and export of your cargo via sea and air routes, and it has been an air freight forwarder in Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town for many years. In addition to having air routes connecting hundreds of cities around the globe, we have been working with customers from more than 36 countries around the globe, especially in South Africa. Our airfreight forwarding company provides its customers with exclusive services and competitive shipments.

Why choose Robeck as your preferred Air Freight Company in South Africa?

We have delivered hassle-free airfreight forwarding services to our clients ever since we established our air freight forwarding business in 1993. Our mission has always been to satisfy the customers and to deal with imports and exports in a professional and quality manner. With the aim of creating a platform, the import and export of the product are handled with the utmost care to create an opportunity to establish a long-term relationship with our customers.

Air Freight Services

Robeck International streamlines your airfreight import and export processes and provides an all-in-one platform for packaging, shipping, and billing. We deal in all kinds of goods coming in and going out, from household goods to heavy equipment. We offer the following air freight forwarding services:


Packaging of goods, Documentation and Insurance


Overnight Air Freight Express


Express Delivery


Door to Door Delivery


Air Freight Export Service

Using systemic processes, we manage the shipment of bulk exports with the best airfreight export procedure. Here’s how our air freight forwarding company works to expand your small and medium-sized businesses to new countries by providing you with the best air freight rates and full-load shipping service.

#1 Booking

The details of your order will be handled by our air freight export coordinator.

#2 Air Freight Quotes

We provide a quote for airfreight export at an affordable price.

#3 Insurance

On request we can provide you with a comprehensive marine insurance.

#4 Sealing the deal

When the contract is signed, goods are packaged and moved to our secure warehouses near the airport.

#5 Air Freight and Delivery

The consignment is transported via aircraft to the final destination, and delivered to the recipient’s doorstep.

Hassle-Free, right?

The reason we have satisfied thousands of customers from all over the world is because of this. To book your cargo, click here.

Air Freight Import Service

It is our airfreight import agency’s commitment to the customer that enables us to deliver the goods to your door without involving a third party. Here is more information about our airfreight import service:

#1 Booking

When you order online, we will provide you with air freight import rates.

#2 Airfreight Quotes

We provide air freight import rates based on your order placed online, and our airfreight import coordinators provide them to you.

#3 Insurance and Paperwork

Our airfreight controller checks the order once it is confirmed. All documentation is in order, and the goods are insured. On request, we also offer marine insurance.

#5 Customs Clearance

Our team handles all import duties and clearances for shipments via air.

#5 Air Shipment and Delivery

The shipment will be picked up from the destination and shipped via aircraft to your selected destination. Once final customs clearance has been completed, the shipment will be delivered to your address.

Sounds easy, right?

To make sure everyone has an easier life, we take our commitment to your order very seriously, and that is why we are the best of the best when it comes to air freight forwarding companies.

Speed and Accessibility

Our air freight agency provides the minimum lead time and precise routes with our scheduled routes. Usually, it takes 1 to 7 days for your cargo to reach the destination. Overnight delivery is available in some cities, and the product is delivered with diligence and efficiency. Additionally, the company manages security and customs clearance.

In addition, we are available 24/7 all year long. We help our customers make their lives easier 365 days a year through our helpdesks and offices.

Why Air Freight instead of Ocen Freight?

Despite the lower freight rates offered by sea freight, airfreight services are best if you need your shipment to be delivered quickly and hassle-free. While airfreight rates for exports and imports might be a bit high, it is the most secure method of transport. Express services have made freight delivery faster, and goods are now dispatched and carried overnight. Airfreight provides product insurance and secure transactions. Moreover, airfreight services are less likely to be adversely affected by weather, ensuring quick delivery. Besides, easy custom clearances are another advantage of airfreight services.

Why Robeck?

Providing excellent airfreight services, Robeck International is highly recommended. You should consider making your first appointment with us if you are looking for an airfreight company in South Africa or near you. These are some of the reasons you should choose us for imports and exports by air:


Worldwide Logistics


Integrated airfreight services under one roof


Cost-effective Marine Insurance


Competitive airfreight rates


Express air freight export and import delivery service


Complete air freight import and export documentation


Hassle-free and secured delivery


Door-to-door delivery service


Quick and easy to understand the process


Storage and packaging facilities available

Choose us today and get a quote on airfreight imports and exports. You can make a reservation by calling our number or clicking here.


Ship today with the best Airfreight Company in South Africa

Robeck International Freight strives to connect with its customers to create a platform for better airfreight export and import processes. The company offers a transparent policy to customers and completes business smoothly. We are happy to provide an airfreight estimation for free, and our helpdesk operates daily, 7 days a week. Our customers receive the best terms and conditions and lower rates while we maintain the quality of our services. Please contact us for an estimation of costs and international shipping services.

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