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International Freight Company

Robeck International Freight has been providing logistic solutions to South African companies and private individuals for almost thirty years. Door-to-door freight, relocation, and other logistics services are offered by this Johannesburg-based company. Our company has remained at the top of the charts of International Freight Services for almost 30 years.

We at Robeck International are dedicated to providing tailored solutions to all logistics challenges. Providing ONE STOP SHOP service to all our customers is our goal. Our honesty, professionalism, and transparency set us apart from the competition.

Why Robeck International?

Over the past three decades, Robeck International has remained at the top of the performance charts. Our clients have come from every conceivable niche. Additionally, we have served both individuals and large corporations.

Strong Relationship with Customers

At Robeck International, we believe in maintaining a great relationship with our customers. We are proud of our huge customer base not only in South Africa, but around the world. As a Johannesburg-based company, we keep the customer involved throughout the shipping process. The honesty, transparency, and professionalism we have demonstrated over the years have allowed us to retain our customers.

Logistic solutions tailored to your needs

We understand that not all freight is the same. It is imperative for every customer to receive tailored solutions for their exports and imports. At Robeck International, we provide custom-made logistics solutions to our clients. The client’s needs are taken into account when figuring out a logistics solution. Our goal is to offer the best deals and meet the demands of our customers.


All in One Logistic Solution

Our company is the one-stop solution for all your logistics needs. Robeck International offers a complete range of logistical solutions under one roof. In addition to sorting, packing, labeling, international freight services, relocation, customs and clearance storage, warehousing, groupage shipping, and many other value-added services, we also offer a wide range of value-added services. Whenever you move, we won’t leave you in the dark about where to find offices and service providers. For your logistical needs, we promise complete professional services.

Express Delivery and Service

Robeck International is known for providing the best logistics services in South Africa. It has taken diligent work and dedication for us to earn this title. Whenever possible, we try to deliver your goods in a timely manner. You can send parcels and baggage across the globe within a reasonable time frame with our express services. Fast and easy handling of your goods is now possible thanks to modern technology.

Door-to-Door Delivery

Robeck International simplifies the logistics process for all end-to-end operations by providing door-to-door service. From the time we pick up your baggage to the time it is dropped at your doorstep, we do not allow others to get involved. Our end-to-end service saves you time, effort, and money. Keeping track of your shipment and staying involved in the process is also possible.


Transparency and expert advice

In addition to carrying out functions, we offer expert advice on all logistical issues. Keeping the process transparent is important to us, so we share all the small details with the customer. As a result of our transparency, our customers have come to trust us.


Meet Your Team

Roland Pucher

Roland Pucher


Marion Joubert

Marion Joubert

Branch Manager

Sharon Coventry

Sharon Coventry

Export Controller

Our Services

What we do best

International Freight Services

Robeck International offers the best international freight services in South Africa and worldwide. We have a well-integrated system that is connected to every corner of the world. Throughout the years, our routes have expanded into global waters. Moreover, we have improved our service quality to meet the needs of the people. Air and sea are the two modes we use to transport international freight. Besides international freight services, we also offer domestic freight services.


Sea Freight

Robeck International offers an affordable and secure sea freight service. We ship to all destinations throughout the world and are not limited to a single country or zone. From South Africa, we have connections to the most prominent routes around the world. Customers can choose from a variety of tailored solutions to meet their needs. In addition to being affordable, comfortable, and safe, sea routes have many advantages over other modes of transportation.

Air Freight

You can ship your goods using air freight because it is the fastest and most secure method. With Robeck International, the process has become safe, affordable, and efficient. We provide all-in-one airfreight import and export services. With our express delivery and door-to-door services, we have kept ourselves on top.

Relocation Services

Relocating can be challenging, but it does not have to be. Moving to another location is simplified with Robeck International at your service. In addition to helping you relocate, we will take care of your household goods as well. Our goal is to make sure you have a better quality of life after you move to your new home. Individuals and corporations can both benefit from our relocation services.


International Removals

It is stressful and time-consuming to move your stuff around the world. You can make it easier for yourself by working with Robeck International. Choose Robeck International as your relocation service provider and let the rest take care of itself. Whatever you need moved, we can help. Vehicles, household items, corporate items, etc.

Groupage Shipping

In addition to saving you money and hassle, groupage shipping can be beneficial to everyone. We offer safe groupage shipping to our customers. By combining your goods with similar goods, you can save money. Additionally, groupage shipping provides quick delivery as well as easy availability of space.

Storage and Warehousing

Our premium services include secure storage and warehousing. To meet our customers’ needs, we have modernized our warehouses. You can rest assured that your goods will be stored in a secure environment, which will not compromise their quality.

Specialized Logistics

Robeck International provides customized logistic solutions for industries such as chemical, food, and mining. The custom solutions we have created for a wide range of customers are something we look forward to doing for many more. Whether your business is small or well established, we are interested in promoting it.


Customs Clearance

Make sure not to fall victim to fake customs clearance agents or wait in long queues. Custom clearances are handled by Robeck International in a transparent manner. Our team is quick and honest, and we get your goods cleared without error.

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