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Corporate Relocations

Corporate Relocations Specialist in South Africa

Robeck International has been serving people as one of the best corporate relocation companies in South Africa and beyond. On this page, we will discuss some tips and tricks for corporate relocations to help you make a smooth transition from your old house to your new house.

Corporate relocations are a massive process, but with the right preparation, you can make the transition far easier and stress-free.

You can begin by researching the area where you are moving to. Look for all the essential information such as the climate, shops, and schools. Ensure that there are public places where you can go

From packing to moving, shipping, transferring and corporate relocations, we’ve got you covered.

A corporate relocation requires a lot of planning and should be handled by a top corporate removal company. Robeck International is the best choice for furniture storage, removal, and relocation in South Africa.

Robeck International has been helping companies relocate in South Africa and beyond for years. Our integrated system of moving not only cuts the cost and time of moving but also ensures customer and employee satisfaction.

Corporate Furniture Removals and Storage

If you’re a company and you strive to give your employees, customers, and associates the best service, we’re no different. When it comes to furniture removals and storage we provide quality services. Our team is determined to pack the furniture for employee relocations, bulk office furniture, stationery, files, electronics, and bulk document storage all in one go.

In addition to clearing the area, our team also manages your furniture and files. A packing list will list all the items so the items can be located faster at the destination.

Robeck International handles the packing and dismantling of furniture with care and agility. Additionally, we have safe storage spaces where the furniture can be kept both short and long term. Our corporate furniture storage facilities are located in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban. The storage spaces are spacious, safe, and protected from the environment.


Integrated Systems for Corporate Relocations

Robeck International offers a completely integrated system of furniture removals for national and international moves. In addition, we are connected to all the major cities in South Africa and abroad.

Our team manages the complete process of furniture removals

If you’re looking for a company to move your office furniture or transfer employees and their household nationwide, you shouldn’t look any further than Robeck International. Cape Town, Johannesburg, and other major cities and the prime locations for office relocations and employee transfers.

Our company helps international companies move their expats and diplomats to South Africa or move furniture from South Africa to other countries. Paperwork and permissions play a big part in moving to other countries and overseas. We promise a smooth process and timely delivery with all required clearances.

Corporate Relocations

Looking for a quote for corporate relocations?

Need a Relocation Service? Whether you are moving internationally or locally, we are your trusted partner. Our corporate relocation service can help you move as quickly and as easily as possible. No matter your location, we can help you in relocating your belongings to or from South Africa.

Best moving company in South Africa

We have been in this field for more than 25 years. We differentiate ourselves by:

– Own a fleet of trucks and only use trusted relocating companies for their destination services.

– We work with our clients to plan the move, and not on a fixed formula.

– Dedicated customer service professionals with deep knowledge on relocating to our outside of South Africa.

– Free moving quote, with no obligation to use our services.

– Full door-to-door relocation services.

– We are here to assist with your move, and we are aware of the legal requirements for international moves.

Look no further than Robeck International Freight if you want a professional corporate relocation service that can help you move to a new home, office, or anywhere else in South Africa or the world. If you’re moving to or outside of South Africa, call us on 011 579 5000 and we’ll help you out.

An integrated system for corporate moves

Using our integrated removal system has made express removals easy and cost-effective. Corporate relocations can go wrong if you don’t have a well-connected system of transport, and shipping. In our integrated teams and steps, we make sure there are no obstacles or hiccups during the removals. Here is how we conduct the process in various steps:

– Complete Pre-Move Survey, Analysis, and Research

– Estimation of Cost and Time

– Marine Insurance

– Customs Clearance and Shippers Permissions

– Packing and unpacking

– Crating of fragile or delicate items

– Vehicle transport

– Transport

– Storage

– Relocation

Moving Services

Robeck International Freight provides you with numerous services including:

– Furniture and boxes packing for international moves: We conduct a thorough survey of your furniture and separate it into those that need disassembling and those that need extra care (breakables) to pack. Our packing team is concerned with the safety of household goods and makes every effort to make sure everything is safe.

– We have our own fleet of trucks to ensure timely delivery to airports, seaports, and our own warehouses.

– Employee Relocation: We make sure your employees are taken care of. We relocate employees in the most suitable environment and by the best possible methods.

Specialist in Corporate Relocation Services.

We invite you to contact Robeck International Freight, one of the leading international removal companies in South Africa, by visiting our offices or contacting us online.

Why us?

Reliable and Affordable: Moving to your new house is one of the most stressful things and when you do hire a removal company, you may lose your peace of mind as this decision has the potential of ruining your move. Because moving to a new house is a major event in your life, moving companies in South Africa that you choose must be reliable, flexible, and professional. That’s why we are the most professional and reliable removal companies in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban.

Our removal quotes are competitive with other corporate removal companies in Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Pretoria. We have trained staff and an expert team who are determined to provide you the best moving experience. Moreover, here is why you should not think of hiring anyone else than us:

  • Most competitive Removal Quotes
  • Timely Delivery and Express Services
  • Integrated System of Removals
  • ┬áTrained and Expert Staff
  • Various methods of Transport
  • Marine Insurance
  • Corporate Removals with possible future opportunities
  • Reliable and Renowned Agent Network across the globe

Covid and Corporate Relocation

Covid-19 halted corporate relocations for a while. Now that the situation has normalized, corporate removals have resumed business. We provide a secure and protected way to move, and we strictly follow covid guidelines. This way, we’re not only protecting our employees, but we’re also protecting our customers.

We’re a great choice for corporate relocations and removals. We promise you a smooth and hassle-free process because we believe that by providing quality services to our customers, we welcome them to our growing family. Additionally, we want to build a strong and good relationship with you and do business with you for a long time.

Reliable Relocation Company In South Africa: As a reliable removal company in South Africa, we ensure clients of smooth and flawless relocation in and out of South Africa. We are renowned for our timely delivery of relocation service and cargo pick-up service without any damage or loss. We are well-known for our reasonable removal cost in South Africa and world-class moving service.