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Logistics Company in Johannesburg

As the leading logistics company in South Africa, Robeck International Freight executes all the services that are required to execute an export-import operation without any hassles. We are looking for customers who are interested in expanding their trade to other countries since we provide our services globally, not just in Johannesburg, Durban, or Cape Town. Additionally, we are an export logistics provider which handles trade planning, packaging, and storage. Basically, we offer a complete deal that includes the whole process. If you are trying to find the best logistics company in South Africa, we are the right choice. Additionally, we also help with security, disposal, and customs clearance. You can read more about us and our logistics services here.

Why choose Robeck as your preferred Logistics Company?

A Logistics Company near You: Why Robeck, a logistics company near you in South Africa. Why Robeck has been offering international supply chain solutions since 2008, we are well experienced and possess the skills to meet all your freight forwarding needs. Whether you are a small consumer, a large corporation, or a startup company. We are your one-stop shop, covering shipping and logistics across the globe.

Planning, Implementation, and Execution

As a logistics company, we believe that your exports and imports are assets that require full attention. Thus, we have separate departments for your exports and imports. In addition to freight brokers, the logistic company has a managing department, a department for storage and shipping, and a department for billing, documentation, and customs clearance.

Packaging and Storage

Located in Johannesburg, our logistics company offers complete packaging and storage of your exports and imports. We are the most reliable logistics company when it comes to the security of your trade goods.

Our packaging is, therefore, specialized to meet the demands of delicate, fragile, or heavy cargo. Hence, our packaging will last longer and will be more reliable. We also provide the security of your shipment as we have warehouses on our premises. Moreover, our warehouses are equipped with the latest technologies and trained workers. Once our warehouses receive a consignment, it becomes our responsibility, which ensures no loss or theft will take place.

We take care of your Transport and Shipping

As a proudly South African logistics company, we are well connected to our regional offices in Durban and Cape Town. Along with shipping containers into the country, the 2 largest seaports in South Africa are also connected to hundreds of countries in Asia. the USA and Europe.

As a worldwide shipping company, we offer competitive freight rates. Our ports and warehouses are located near airports and seaports, so trade is easier. We offer shipping services for bulk goods by sea or air.

We are renowned for offering full container loads, easy-to-book logistics deals, and affordable logistic quotes, making us one of the leading logistics companies in South Africa.

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Logistics Quotes, Billing, and Customs Clearance

Since our logistics and transportation rates and quotes are more competitive than those offered by other logistics companies in Johannesburg, we can offer our customers more competitive freight rates. Furthermore, Robeck International Freight offers customs clearance benefits to our customers. As a professional logistics company in South Africa, we handle all your import and export customs clearances, as well as customs transit documentation.

On top of that, our Marine Insurance policy covers your goods against loss or damage.

We provide End-to-End Delivery

Since we are a logistics company, we are committed to carrying out and simplifying the end-to-end logistics of your business. Hence, our services also consist of door-to-door deliveries and shipments. Furthermore, we would be keen to promote your small and medium business or help you with established business transactions. In this way, we ensure not only that your shipment is delivered safely, but also that the whole process is transparent and reliable.

Dedicated to making your life pleasant, we work 24/7 to deliver your goods on time.

Are you ready to ship?

Robeck International Freight is a leading logistics company that provides customers with the best shipping services. Our experienced team of experts can help you find the most reliable and affordable option for your shipment.

Our working procedure

As a logistics company, we take steps to ensure that your shipment is delivered on time. Here is what you need to know about how we work:

#1 Booking

Contact us online or by phone if you wish to request our services.

#2 Logistics Quotes and Prices

As Freight Brokers and Managers, we treat each freight transaction with equal importance, and within few moments, you will receive an estimated price and quote for your consignment.

#3 Contract Signature

Once you accept our quotation, we will provide you with a formal freight contract.

#4 Documentation

A documentation request will also be made so that the clearance process can proceed.

#5 Packaging and Storage

You may also deliver your consignment to our storage facility for packaging and storage or we can collect it from you.

#6 Transportation

The shipment is then transported using the selected mode of transport.

#7 Billings and payments

You will be presented with a final invoice to pay, based on the payment terms agreed upon.

#8 Doorstep delivery

Finally, your consignment is delivered to its final destination.

Why Robeck?

Get in touch with the South African logistics and freight forwarding experts: Robeck is a logistics and freight forwarding company that can help you ship cargo worldwide.

We are


Connected Globally


Experts of shipping and end-to-end services


Easy to reach






Fair priced

Our Terms and Conditions


We can only process cargo that is transparent and passes customs clearance


We are not responsible for the loss of goods that happens due to natural calamity


We are bound to our terms and conditions but, we are authorized to change them without prior notice


Logistics Company in South Africa

Robeck International Freight is a highly reputable Logistics Company in South Africa that supplies a tightly knit network of partners with a full range of logistics services. Robeck helps to facilitate the needs of its partners, by providing high-quality management and monitoring of the general logistics processes.

Our process is also easy to understand, so you know what’s going on. As a result, we keep you in the loop throughout the whole process. We are one of the best logistics companies in South Africa, providing storage, packaging, customs clearance, billing, and end-to-end delivery. In the end, we believe your imported or exported goods have more value than just products, so we treat them like our own and make sure they get handled with care. Besides that, we make sure to give you the best prices.

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Contact us if you need logistic services at one of our offices near you or call our contact number.