4 Best Types of Cargo Services For Each Commodity: A list of the best modes of transport to use for each commodity.

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With the expanding international market and consumer demand, companies need to carry trade across waters. People all across the world buy and sell things because it has become convenient to shop online. How many of us go through websites of international brands looking for our favorite item? The delivery of everything including heavy machines, expensive electronics, food, paintings, attires, books, and whatnot, became a lot more swift and appealing with the use of transport and new value-added services. In this blog we are going to speak about the different types of Cargo Services.

Types of Cargo Services and its specifications

Every commodity requires a specific mode of transport and service. A good logistics company identifies the needed cargo type for the shipment and carries out logistics operations. If a company fails to identify the core problem, it might result in loss of valuable objects and failed logistics. Robeck International is one of the best logistics companies in South Africa, and we have maintained the quality of our services by a fully integrated program. We progress by identifying the need of the customer and the shipment type. It makes our company exclusive and leaves our customers satisfied.

For many years now, people have used four main modes of transport to carry shipments. The routes include air, sea, roads, and railway. Most commodities require multi-modal cargo services to reach their destination. We, door-to-door service providers, developed a multi-modal network of transport to ship all kinds of products. If you are looking for what mode of cargo service suits your shipment the best, we have shared some best options below.

Air Freight Cargo Services

If you want to move goods overseas within less time, the plane is your only option. Air Freight is a wise option for urgent worldwide deliveries. Air Freight Cargo can carry all kinds of commodities, mainly valuable and perishable items.

You can not send medicines through sea routes because of high humidity levels and varying temperatures. Air cargos are temperature-controlled and provide a safe environment for pharmaceutical shipments. Moreover, perishable items like flowers and fresh foods require speedy delivery. Delayed shipment might cause all food to become unsafe for consumer consumption. Also, flowers may dry or wilt. Most importantly, air cargos are the safest and quickest as there are nearly zero accidents and no traffic. Moreover, valuable products can be shipped through air cargos without the fear of theft or loss.

Robeck International has the best air freight services. We provide a complete package for all your logistics operations. Moreover, our services are economical, safe, swift. To book and know more about our air freight services, click here.

Suitable Commodities:

  • Urgent Shipments
  • Perishable Items
  • Valuables
  • Pharmaceutical Cargos


  • Express Delivery
  • Guaranteed Safety
  • Network of Destinations
  • Reliable Service


  • Higher cost implications

Sea Freight Cargo

Sea freight has a global reach as the sea connects you to almost any place in the world. You can ship your cargo anywhere in this world at the best rates. Sea cargos take longer than air cargos but are highly economical and customer-friendly. Moreover, sea cargo is the most primitive method of transporting goods. Bulk shipments are sent through the sea all year long. Heavy machinery, electrical wires, furniture, construction equipment, and mining tools are some major shipments after oil.

Sea freight is optimal for small-scale vendors and industries, as it is economical.

Though sea cargos may be delayed due to unexpected weather changes, they remain preferred by many people. Robeck International has a widespread network of sea routes in South Asia and other parts of the world. We ensure timely delivery and easy access to ports. You can know more about our sea freight services by clicking here.

Suitable Commodities:

  • Bulky Goods
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Mining Equipment
  • Construction Tools and Home Decor Goods
  • Electric Cables
  • Furniture
  • Anything in general


  • Feasible
  • Economical
  • Easy Port Access
  • Fewer Taxes


  • Could be interrupted by weather conditions

Cargo by Rail

Railway cargos are environment friendly and surprisingly cheap. If you are dedicated to causing less harm to nature, rail cargos are for you. They have lower carbon dioxide emissions and are best for inland shipping. Railways connect the entire country through specialized infrastructure.

They are not only economical but also secure. There are almost zero chances of rail robberies and thefts. Rail cargos carry all types of commodities and offer timely delivery. When you choose rail as your shipment carrier, you expose yourself to a reliable mode of shipping.

Rail cargos are used by local vendors and industries as trains can carry a massive load.

Robeck International uses multi-modal transport to ensure quality services. So, here is a list of freight and value-added services we provide to carry out logistic operations.

Suitable Commodities:

  • Everything Literally


  • Reliable
  • Safe
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Economical


  • Weather conditions may affect speed

Road Freight

Just like roads are part of quality infrastructure, they aid in maintaining quality logistic services. Logistics services start from the road and circle back to the road. It won’t be wrong to say that the entire logistic service means from one road to another.

Door-to-door deliveries are maintained by road cargos. People use road cargo for shipping parcels to short distances. Moreover, The services have made a huge impact on the economy as people developed a taste for e-commerce. Also, it is fair enough to say that in multi-modal transport of goods, roads play a vital role.

The timely delivery and 24/7 shipping have made it easier for people to send urgent parcels and express deliveries.

Robeck International has the best road cargo service as we have a well-connected network across South Africa. Our specialized cargos ensure product safety and smooth operation. In addition to that, we provide our customers with temperature-controlled containers for the shipment of delicate commodities. For bookings and more information on our road cargo services, click here.

Suitable Commodities:

  • Anything and Everything


  • Smooth Inland Logistics
  • Reliable
  • Customer Friendly
  • Less transit damage


  • Road accidents
  • Delayed by Traffic

Each commodity requires different cargo services. We at Robeck International ensure to match the commodity to the most suited cargo service. You can make online bookings and learn more about us on our website.